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7/30/06 - Bulletin!

All BadassBuddy icons are now editable on!
go to now for "the rest" of the selection!

Remember these classic buddy icons?

Now you can build custom buddy icons that say anything you want!

These are the 6 most recently built icons:

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View All 30 Recently Built Buddy Icons    
Character (14 icons)
Emotions & Love (30 icons)
Girly (27 icons)
Holiday (24 icons)
Miscellaneous (15 icons)
Music (9 icons)
Naughty (20 icons)
Pride & Nationality (15 icons)
Silly (45 icons)
Sports & Hobbies (28 icons)
Violent (27 icons)
All Icons (196 icons)

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WANTED is looking for a talented new buddy icon maker for our team!

If you think you've got what it takes to be on Team Badass, send 3 original buddy icons (NOT ones you made here) to TeamBadassATBadassBuddyD0Tcom. - #1 buddy icon site - more buddy icons! - LOL away messages
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